Influence of Advertisements on Society


Nowadays, advertising can be seen everywhere. You can see advertising in many ways such as newspaper advertising, radio, TV, and billboard. Advertising is a communication tool that is used by marketers to persuade potential buyers to purchase certain products. It plays a crucial role in achieving the financial and commercial objectives of the particular company.  Therefore they are trying to make advertising more effective. Since it is unavoidable, it has been influencing our society.

Culture is one of the aspects which is affected by advertisements. Because advertising makes us feel that we need to live according to the standard which has been set up by the advertisement. An essential goal of advertising is to convince the consumer that the person will have a better life if he/she used this advertised product.  Also, our spoken language has been influenced by advertisements. Most of the words which are now using by people did not exist ten years before.

Advertising reduces the selling cost. Companies believe that advertising is the best way to introduce their new product to the customer. Because it is difficult to introduce their product to each person’s face to face and it takes a lot of rime.Sometimes, advertising misleads people by stating that their products are safer or better even though there are not. For example, some tobacco companies use some terms which can misunderstand the reader by believing that their brand is better and this will encourage the people to buy cigarettes from that company.

Advertising can influence society in both good and bad ways. Consumers minds can be changed and opinions can be molded by advertising. Advertising will make people aware of new technologies and they can easily get adapt to it. Advertising helps people to go along with new inventions

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