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Mobile Advertising ads

                Advertising is the business or act of making ​something know to the public, it is a form of communication. It helps public to know more about the various products and their prices.  Mobile advertising is the form of advertising through mobile phone and other wireless connections. It can take place through SMS and text ads, advertising that appear in mobile web sites, in downloaded apps and in mobile games. Mobile advertising is a fragment of mobile marketing.

             Mobile advertising is closely related to online or internet advertising. It is a way of impress the audience. One of the best mobile ad feathers has a lasting impression on audience.  Emirates is one of the company that uses the mobile advertising in an apt way.                                   

There are some types of mobile ads:            

  • Click-to-download ads -The user will go directly to the App store or Google Play                 

  • Click-to-call ads -The user will call to a phone number after clicking the button.                

  • Image text and banner ads – click opens your browser and re-directs you to a page         

  • Push notification            

   Mobile advertising is the future of the digital world, but it’s presents increase these days.  Mobile advertising is part of mobile commerce and mobile marketing. Mobile advertising is still at an early stage and still it’s in the upgrading. 

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