What Is Green Marketing ?

Green marketing also known as environmental marketing. It is marketing of products that are environmentally safe. Green marketing is concerned with protection of environment. It is the process of selling products and services based on environmental benefits. Green means pure in quality and fair. Here, term ‘green’ indicate purity. People are aware of pure products and pure methods of production.

Green marketing includes eco-friendly products, recyclable and biodegradable packaging and better pollution controls. They are concern about producing eco-friendly products like packaging made from recycle paper, phosphate-free detergents, refillable containers for cleaning products and bottle using less plastic. They have certain strategy that green marketing follows: they use eco- friendly paper and ink for official purpose, use eco-friendly products for packing, contact recycling programs, use eco-friendly Power source.

As today’s consumer become more and more conscious of natural products So green marketing is becoming more important to business. Consumers are go in search of limited edition on the earth. It is becoming more popular as many people concerned with environmental issues.

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