Women Advertisement

                       Advertisement is well known and important part of the world for any business, is used for communicating information to the customers. Advertisement makes more human images for personalize the product to the customers. Studies shows that advertising can utilise and distort the image of women.

                               As we all know about how men are appear in the advertisement, they were always come forward with fully dressed, but women always create as a sex object. While women are constantly portrayed as wearing less clothing, were women being portrayed as sex object than men. The presentation of sexuality in advertisement has got a lot. This images were fully shown in many advertisement like alcohol, tobacco etc. Here women portrayed as nude images, this make women as bad images to the people and the customers. When consumers saw continuously this portrayed images of women will stay their mind and then they were looking other women as bad thought. The examples for the portrayal of women in advertisement also seen in the fashion magazines. Women mostly have the advertisement like sell beauty and cloths in their magazines. This ages were made very pathetic conditions to the women, because women can’t appear in the advertisement like electronics and other, these type of ads were permanently to the male.

                                 Nowadays, women portrayal in advertisement were comparatively less than the early. Because they would get a reputed images in this 21st century, they were act in the advertisements like electronics and other innovative items, the main reason for this improvement because of the endorsement of many celebrities like film actors and some sport players. For example, Aiswarya roy were the brand ambassador of Loreal beauty products for the publicity and so on, also men and women are equal importance in advertising field. And this will move much better on next or upcoming future in this field.

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