Effective Diets And Their Results

Effective Diets

Effective diets it is the power supply system contribute to improvement of the body. We offer you a unique collection of effective diets and their results to suit every taste.

The Hollywood diet

The famous diet of Hollywood stars has been used for several generations of actors and constructed on a clear timetable and composition of ingredients. This effective diet is designed for exactly 12 days, while it can only be repeated after a month, otherwise you can earn serious health problems.
What you can eat: In the first three days of diet consists exclusively of kefir in unlimited quantities, later for three days, offered a boiled chicken without skin, without salt, this is followed three days of green apples and apple juice, without sugar, but in the last three days allowed to eat low-fat cheese and drink red wine. Every day you should drink plenty of water.
Pros: Diet extraordinarily effective: in 12 days you can lose up to 10 kg.

Cons: This is not healthy diet, as it deprives the body of many nutrients and can result in weakness and stomach problems, also thrown the weight later quickly returned to previous positions.

The Atkins Diet

Considered that the eating plan, compiled by American Dr. Atkins it is one of the most effective diets available today. The principle of its diet consists of a sharp rejection of carbohydrates (20 g per day). For a few days of diet, your body rebuilds and begins to draw energy from the vital fats and proteins and your body begins rapidly get rid of excess weight. Those who have tried it on itself, assert that after the first two weeks of diet (without fruits, no cereals, pasta or bread) lose from 10 to 20 pounds.

What you can eat: Any meat, eggs, poultry and seafood, unlimited. Vegetables: just leafy greens, cabbage, onions, mushrooms and cucumbers.

Pros: Fast weight loss, lack of hunger due to constant replenishment of the body fat.

Cons: Lack of carbohydrates in the body is unhealthy. Opponents of the Atkins diet has repeatedly stated that such a diet promotes the development of diabetes, kidney stones, heart problems and impaired immunity. The result of the Atkins diet may also be headaches, stomach discomfort and depression.

What is Atkins Diet ?

Low-Fat Diet

This effective diet implies restriction of its food exclusively low-fat foods. Minimum calories, more greens and vegetables – and the successful outcome of the diet did not take long.

What you can eat: Low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables, hummus, vegetarian food.

Pros: If you can to quickly abandon the pies and cakes, pizza and other goodies, your waistline will begin to melt before your eyes.

Cons: Waiver of fats leads to certain complications of the digestive and immune systems: fats help the body absorb vitamins, are involved in the synthesis of hormones, improve immunity. That is why those who are sitting on a low-fat diet often suffer from chills, problems with hair and skin. And this is apart from the main disadvantages: a low-fat food is known to be unappetizing.

Mayo soup

The 7 day effective diet, developed by the Mayo Clinic, is based on the magic soup, which should be eating for a week in any amount, adding to its low fat and low calorie foods on a special schedule. At the same time completely prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages.

What you can eat: soup, which burns fat. You can eat this soup in any quantity at any time of day. It is very important to supplement it with special products from the diet in a specially reserved for them days.

Pros: For a week, you should lose from 4 to 7 kilos and feel the extraordinary burst of energy and health.

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