5 Ways to Test Your Email Messages

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5 Ways to Test Your Email Messages

Testing Email

An email campaign is only successful if recipients open their email. To encourage them to do so, emails must be inviting, interesting, and easy to read. The goal of a well-crafted email is two-fold. First, the recipient needs to be intrigued enough to open the email. Second, the email itself needs to render well and demonstrate a level of professionalism that will encourage recipients to follow up on the offer. The following are areas that need to be addressed in every email to ensure that it has the desired impact.

Subject Line

Testing the “subject” line of an email is one of the most important steps to ensuring that recipients open the email and that automatic spam filters do not reject it. Several free “subject” line testers exist on the internet that can help determine if a “subject” line is likely to be rejected by spam filters. It is a good idea to test “subject” lines by creating several of them and tracking how recipients respond.

“From” Line

Testing the “from” line is critical because it is the first thing recipients will look at. In fact, studies suggest that 50% of individuals will decide whether to open an email based only on the “from” and “subject” lines. A “from” line should avoid a full company name, a department name, and a person’s name. They work best if they include a reference to mailings a reader has requested or are relevant to the recipient. Several different versions of the “from” line should be tested to see which receives the best response.

Mobile Device Testing

Mobile devices are a very common way in which emails are accessed. It is critical to test how messages are displayed in several mobile operating systems, like Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc. Email can be designed one of two ways. Either it can be designed to render correctly on any device or two emails can be constructed, one for “standard” computers and another for mobile devices.

Data Security

Data security is critical, particularly in relation to the recipients list and must be protected at all costs. A good email marketing program supplier will ensure that this list is protected. It is worth asking the provider what steps they take to protect a recipients list.

Visual Appeal

Aesthetics are as important as content, which means it is absolutely necessary to test email not just in different browsers and devices, but also in different email clients. Gmail is likely to render an email very differently from Hotmail or AOL.

When sending an email, attention to detail is the key. There is nothing wrong with testing out different approaches, so brain storm and write several different versions to ensure that your email looks and reads perfectly, giving you the best possible chance to capture the attention of potential clients.

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