Influence/Influencer marketing is a common marketing technique nowadays which uses influencers on social media to convey the message of brand to people. Influencers act as an interface between the brand and people.
“Influencers” are basically people having great influence on various number of people, thus having huge following and that following is directed towards the brands for which the influencers speak. It is a great marketing technique which can gather attention of more people including the people who already know about the brand and additional people who follow the influencers and thus follow their message about any brand.

Process of Influence Marketing

Process of Influence Marketing

The key to influencer marketing is to understand how to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Thus, it is essential to determine the goal and choosing the right influencer with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Television, Print and digital advertisements or on Pinterest, based on the goal and the channel that has to be used so that the purpose for which it is done is accomplished and then keeping track about the campaign in order to know if they are achieving their purpose or not.
The main goals for influence marketing could be increasing the brand awareness, engaging more followers for brand by expanding reach, increasing the sales, revenues and the conversions rate. It could involve raising awareness about any event such as promotion, contest or even company or product launch.
The relationship that the brand tends to develop with customers is very important therefore before collaborating with any influencer, it must have an idea of the impact that the influencer will make on audience.

Types of Influencers

There are five types of influencers that can be chosen. Each works in a different way based on its own niche and have different reach and influence.

a) Micro Influencer (have satisfactory following of people in specific niche they work, provide appropriate content for followers by using various social media platforms and increased rate of engagement due to smaller audience which helps them to connect to people easily)b) Celebrity Influencer (well-known people who have millions of people as followers and known across industries for having a great potential of creating impact on people)
c) Blog Influencer (People who write blogs and have higher reach as well as impact as compared to other bloggers)
d) Social Media Influencer (People who have recognition over various social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, have a huge audience and are able to share wide range of content ranging from health, travel, fashion, beauty, design and many more)
e) Key Opinion Leader (People who are considered specialists for niche they work for, have expert knowledge are can add value to the industry they work for)

Benefits of Influence Marketing

There are variety of benefits offered by Influence marketing that include increasing site traffic, providing authentic original content about the brands, propelling engagement for brand and generating good sales.
People have access to social media, and they get information about the brands from various platforms which shape their perceptions about brand and their buying behaviors. Since influencers already have impact on their specific niches thus brands can choose influencers based on their niche so that they could already have an idea of the audience they are going to cater through the influencer.
It helps in boosting the company’s reputation because influencers focus on authenticity. They do not want to provide overly promotional messages to their followers and thus they require authentic content that they will share with their followers and will thus not take chance of losing their own group of followers.

It is difficult for a brand to create and maintain connection with customers in the way that the influencers can do. People listen and often act based on information they receive from their peers or family members or any trusted person.
Due to rapidly increasing internet technology people have obstructed inboxes, excess search results and scattered news-feed as a result of which information through such things is often ignored but the information that is provided through people or resources, they trust tends to have an impact.

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