14 Free Website Analysis Tools For Improving Your Website Search Ranking

14 Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2019

Bing Webmaster Tools

Several marketing teams use Bing Webmaster Tools as it offers some great features to its users. One primary feature, which is particularly popular with the users, is the ease with which you can submit a new URL for indexing. So if you have a new URL on your website for indexing, you can put the Bing Webmaster tool to effective use. All you have to do is submit your new website pages or blog posts and the tool ensures that it crawls it. The best part is that the site crawling doesn’t take too long after initiation.

Apart from this SEO report, feature on the tool gives your some amazing feedback on your webpages, especially those that aren’t following best practices. Additionally, the page traffic report feature provides you with insights like which of your sites appear in search along with their rankings. And as you start using Bing Webmaster tools, you will realize that there are several other features that you can put to good use for your website. Another example would be the fact that it allows you to see the keywords that people used to search for your websites.

While there are so many good things about the tool, the one challenge that you might face with the tool is its user interface. It is not as user friendly as one might want it to be and can even seem bland to some users. Especially if you were to look at the page traffic report, it’s a simple grid of numbers which seems really elementary and even hard to interpret if you are a new user. All in all, though, if you are looking for quick indexing and quality feedback on your SEO best practices, then you could definitely give Bing Webmaster Tools a try.

Data Studio

Data Studio Free analytics toolGoogle’s Data Studio is a great data visualisation tool for all organic media such as Facebook and Instagram as well as the marketing analytics tools like Firebase and Google analytics. It also helps collate info from other user information softwares say as CRM’s as well as Google sheets.  Marketing teams are using Data Studio to view reports as well as dashboards to view KPIs across platforms. The best part is that Google Data Studio allows you to view all your data sources in one location, thereby making decision making an effortless process since all the data is presented in an easy-to-consume format.

The pre-loaded Reports template feature makes it easy for even a newbie to set up a dashboard that you have in mind. There are a range of pre-loaded reports on offer for the most common data source connections which includes Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more which ends up saving a lot of your time. Also, being remotely available, multiple teams across locations can view the same dashboard at the same time with real-time updates. Also, Featured Data studio reports you can take a look at some reports that others have created to get an idea of the kind of reports that you can set-up.

If we talk about the challenges, the video tutorial provided by Google Data Studio is pretty elementary and hence you might have to go to YouTube to figure out how it all weaves together. The major challenge that you might face if you are using 3rd party tools is that, you would have to pay a subscription to connect these 3rd party tools to the Data Studio. Also in-terms of the data connections, you might find that the data source connection is missing and you don’t find out about it till much later and have to provide the connection again manually. All in all Google Data Studio is a great tool which provides you endless customisable reports at a really fast pace along with the feature for integration with an array of data sources.

Google Analytics

Google Alaytics

Google analytics is a great tool for ecommerce sites to track the current pages which are trending as well as check the visitor origin which can then be used to boost social media advertising via the various platforms. Google analytics is also a great tool to track the success of various advertising campaigns that you might be running with a close eye on your advertising budget.

It is also very helpful in monitoring website referrals and with its extensive data analysis capabilities and ecommerce integration it becomes the preferred tool for data reporting as well. It provides some great insights into the demographic information on your website’s audience and with a helpful AI system in place it helps not only to keep tabs on the trends but also spot data reporting problems if any. Another big advantage with Google Analytics is that it has a really well designed mobile application which makes it even simpler to do things on the go using your mobile phone.

There are a couple of things which you need to be aware of while using Google Analytics though, one being that if you are a new user, then the complex reports list can be a list complicated to understand in the first go. Also, with a lot of people blocking tracking software like Analytics, sometimes the data that you might get may not be the most accurate.

If you are a small business or a blogger trying to get an idea about your audience, then Google analytics will provide you with the kind of data that you are looking for which will not only help you provide great insights but also help you decide your next marketing move.


From keyword filter and keyword detail finder to keyword visualize, from SERP preview and site wide extractor to SEO browser, Zeo offers a range of SEO tools to its customers. The Keyword filter tool helps you to eliminate, filter and groups several thousand keywords in a matter of minutes and since keyword research is the basis of SEO, usually it can take a lot of time to get the job done. But Zeo’s keyword filter makes the job really simple. And while we are at keywords, the keyword visualizer is the next best thing that is on offer from Zeo.

With tons of data floating around everyone likes their data to be presented in a visual format and Zeo’s keyword visualizer does just that by making sure that all the keywords which need to be grouped together show up together in the presentation.

Now the third keyword tool which is on offer from Zeo is the keyword detail finder tool using which you can get the detailed words which are related to the keyword that you have entered. The tool allows you to develop content, meta tags and keyword analysis rather effectively.

Zeo also offers SERP preview which you can use to optimize the meta tag optimization, which is one of the few metrics which has retained its value since the beginning of SEO. With the tool you can view what the page title as well as the meta description tags look like in the search results of your computer or even the screen of your mobile phone. Moreover with Zeo’s SEO browser you can easily view how bots view your page by simply copy pasting the URL of the page on the tool. With such extensive features if you are an enterprise and are looking for a holistic SEO solution to meet all your SEO needs, then Zeo is definitely one of the better solutions that you can consider.


On first glance, the Clicky Dashboard seems to be doing the job for you. It’s nothing fancy but seems to pack in all the data that one would like to be measured. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that it is one of the most affordable analytics packages in the market. Moreover, the Clicky spy feature gives a very hip AJAXifed overview of all the traffic flowing into your site. What some users especially like about Clicky is that it provides you with the feature to insert data into the tool by employing internal data logging API, unlike some other tools which don’t provide this feature.

Now, even though Clicky has had performance issues in the past, that’s not a good enough reason to stay away from the tool. More recently, they have been making improvements to ensure that the performance issues are done away with and the customers have a better experience with the tool.

Clicky’s pro account comes loaded with even more features as it can pick data from Google Analytics campaign variables as well do view analytics. Though there are a lot of features which are available to the users in the pro version but frankly a lot of it is taken care of by Google Analytics already. Having said that, if you are looking to get a quick overview of your site, then you can definitely give Clicky a try.

Penguin Tool

The Penguin tool helps to correlate all of your search traffic with the Google Updates as they happen on an on-going basis. This is helpful in the sense that if you realize that your rankings plummeted when there was a big Google update then you can easily employ this tool to figure out what needs to be fixed to get the rankings back up. The best bit about the tool is that it makes it easy to zero-in on a specific update. So if you are a local business with your core requirement as localized SEO, then you can employ Penguin to show you Google updates that impacted local results.

Also, since Penguin has been around for sometime in the market now, it is reliable, easy to use and provides a lot of quick information at a glance. What you need to do is basically sign in with your Google Analytics account and Penguin will help you with a map of your traffic with the exact time tag of the moment that the Google update went live.

The dynamic graphs provide insight into the major algorithm updates to give you a view of the possible impact that they could have had on your traffic. Moreover, it has a feature to further drill down and provide you with a detailed description of the updates, both in terms of why the update happened and also what it could mean for your traffic in particular. The dashboard icons are another cool feature which add flair to the tool. They help see through all the tons of confusing data by simply switching on and off all the different possible causes for the traffic drop that you may be encountering.

Everything said and done the Penguin Tool is a great tool to check Google penalties and keep a tab on your overall web traffic.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics- free website analysis toolsAs the name suggests, Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source web analytics tool which makes it possible for you to view, track as well as analyze how your online audience is using your websites. Licenced under GPL, it provides website owners as well as developers a relatively easy way to add web analytics to your website. Moreover, it comes with an in-built support for the tracking of websites which have been made with popular content management frameworks like WordPress.

The one good thing about OWA is that it allows you to take ownership of your data. What this means is that it allows you to store all your data on your own database and provides you with the feature to decide who you share this data with and how long you want to keep this data stored. So basically any company which might have an interest in tracking your analytics, would not be able to do so with the Open Web Analytics tool.

Now the upside is also the downside, even though you keep the likes of Google away from your data, you also end up missing out on the amazing features that it has to offer. More than that OWA is a long way in being close to the amazing functionalities that Google analytics has to offer. The slicing and dicing feature that Google Analytics has to offer is strides ahead as compared to OWA.

But with OWA you have total control over your data along with the feature to have your own server setup. Also it provides a much faster interface than Google Analytics, which at times ends up being rather slow when it comes to big websites. Another major advantage of the tool is that is easily installed on existing wordpress blogs and hence serves the needs of the chunk of web analytics users rather seamlessly.

If OWA were to come up with some advanced segments and filters, and provide the users with the ability to export data then it would become a much more potent tool for its users, allowing them to make use of the tool even more effectively.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great digital product to have if you are a webmaster. It not only allows you to understand Google’s view of your website but it also provides for a plethora of tools which helps to get a better view of your data. Along with its reporting feature it provides for multiple data points and suggestions for issue resolution which might come as a pleasant surprise to the user. It is a great product which provides a mix of reporting, tools as well as education all under one roof.

It scores highly on search engine optimization, data analysis and audience targeting. Companies are using the console to monitor analytics to their websites and improve the search engine optimization where Google analytics fall short. And while Google analytics is great at tracking locations, where people are clicking, as well as their demographics, Google console goes a step ahead and tells us what keywords users are using when they are searching for your website, and why they are searching for your business in the first place.

With Google Search Console you will get a comprehensive overall picture of your budgeting costs as well as the results you get from Ads along with the demographic and behavior data that you usually get from Google Analytics. In addition to this, it will also provide you with the search engine behavior and trends which neither Analytics nor Ads provide an insight into.

The one area where the console can definitely do with some improvements is in its user friendliness and ease of use. If these aspects are addressed, then it becomes a power packed tool to reckon with. If you choose to use console it will definitely add more power to your web analytics.

Keyword Hero

Keyword-Hero free website analysis toolsIf you have an up-and-coming website where you don’t rank for your keywords yet, then Keyword hero would help you to understand the keywords that your visitors are searching for at a very cost effective price.

Keyword hero allows you to keep all your keyword data on Google Analytics, making for interesting data analysis. Also, with Keyword data, you have the feature to monitor your top performing organic keywords along with its position on the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). What this means is that you get to fix the issues for the keywords which are starting to lose out and also boost your efforts for keywords near the very top.

Moreover, with keyword hero you get the feature to view the keywords which are doing well for your sites and in turn tweak your content strategy accordingly. Another standout feature which comes in really handy with Keyword Hero is that it enables you to adjust keywords according to Google’s Algorithm Updates which ensures that you no longer have to worry about algorithm changes suddenly affecting your rankings.

With so many great features, there are also a few areas where Keyword Hero can do better. One of the first being the competitive ranking comparison feature allowing for the tool to provide info on how your website is doing on certain keywords as compared to its competitors. Another feature which can add value to its users is the ability of the tool to provide information on which keywords are doing well on the web and suggest them to the users, thereby helping them create better content.

But while all this happens, with the current set of features that Keyword Hero has, it is quite a cost-effective tool for all your search optimization needs for your website.


Moz happens to be one of the most easy-to-use platforms with some incredible free tools as well as educational materials available to its users. Besides providing all the SEO essentials, like keyword tracking with site crawls and category tags, competitor tracking as well as keyword research and website recommendations, it happens to one of the most affordable solutions out in the market today.

The best bit is that the reports are automated, convenient to use and easy to set up for even a newbie. The website recommendations feature happens to be a great hit amongst users who are looking to improve on their search engine performance. Users have reported that Moz has been really effective in managing off page SEO. It has made the process of finding the keywords for new blog posts so easy that there has been an effortless increase in the traffic of the blogs using Moz. Moreover, the link explorer feature makes it really easy to find backlinks to any website while also allowing you to check on the spam score of the website, thereby helping remove the bad links to the website.

The only challenge with Moz is that it is more suited for small scale SEO. If you are an agency or running complex websites, then it might be a better option to go with an enterprise solution or use Moz alongside more niche products. Like for example the site-crawl feature is amazing for a basic user however if you are looking for a more technical audit then you would have to consider a more technical solution.

Also while Moz is an amazing SEO learning resource, the promoting stage is a little difficult to utilize. Some users have also reported that the user interface is something which can undergo a face-lift of sorts so that it makes it easier for the user to figure out what’s inside the dashboard.

In hindsight, even though there are certain tools in the market which are better than Moz, but they happen to be more expensive than Moz. So what you could do is to use Moz for it’s on-page SEO and consider another tool for off-page SEO to make it a cost effective solution. Everything said and done, one can definitely go for the MOZ tool considering the range of good functionalities that it has to offer its customers.


So your website just encountered search ranking fluctuations due to google’s core algorithm changes and now your SEO experts and webmasters are thinking about improvisations to get the ranking back up. If this is what your team encounters each time there are algorithm changes, then Algoroo is just the tool for you. It tracks the Google Algorithm rather effortlessly and shows the data in neatly presented charts for you to analyze. The application ends up scanning over fifteen thousand search terms and more than hundred search positions.

What Algoroo does is that it comes up with what they call the term as “roo”, which also reflects in the name Algoroo. “Roo”, is the flux created by the search engine with respect to the collated positive and negative movement amongst the various search terms. So basically, you can expect a high level of volatility in the SERPs if the “Roo” value is high. On the other hand, lower the value of the “Roo”, then more stable would be the SERPs. So simply put, the flux metric called “roo” indicates whether there’s been any volatility in the search rankings.

Rank Range Index

Rank Ranger’s Rank Risk Index Tool is a tool that can be employed to investigate and graph the changes to the ranking pattern of Google Algorithm. With Google launching several updates through the year, there is a lot of buzz with respect to the updates that get rolled out. And irrespective of the fact that the update is a small or big one, the update is bound to impact the ranking of your website for sure.

The Rank Ranger tool provides daily insight into the algorithm changes made by Google and tracks these changes and its impact rather effectively.

How the tool works is really simple, the Risk index graphs represent the change in the rankings on any given day, which means that the higher the index number, more have the Google’s rankings have fluctuated. The tool also employs the effective use of colour to denote the level of threat to the search engine rankings. So a red would mean that there are some major steps that you need to take to secure your rankings. Similarly, an orange would mean that there are certain precautionary measures that you should have in place so that you don’t get displaced on the rankings.

Apart from this, the tool also offers a comprehensive SEO dashboard along with its rank tracker. You can also use the social analytics tool to track the data for your platforms. Apart from this Rank Ranger also provides a wide array of tools such as Link Manager, white label SEO as well as keyword finder which can effectively take care of your website or blog rather effectively.

The marketing dashboard as well as the insights graph help provide a bird’s eye view of your users, and the interactions that they are having on your website. With Rank Ranger you can view and make custom insights by taking advantage of the extensive and constantly growing list of third-party data integrations as well. The combination of third-party data with your rank, visibility, traffic, and internal data for custom insights helps cultivate a broader reach for your website making Rank Ranger a much sought after SEO solution.


Ayima employs on-site technical upgrades to assist websites in boosting their traffic and revenues. They have a sustainable SEO strategy that is expected to provide long-term benefits to the customers. The live data feature that the tool provides helps consistent tracking and  improves the organic visibility by employing the right strategies using the data at hand. Moreover, the agency also uses an interface for reporting that helps the clients analyze the accomplishments of the team.

Apart from the online reporting interface, they offer various software tools and resources for digital marketers as well. All the different custom analysis tools which are provided by Ayima are designed and put together by their in-house development team, which ensures that they can meet the custom needs of the client at any given point in time. Here are some of the tools and resources that they have to offer which will provide you with a sneak peek into the range that they are able to cover.

Ayima Intelligence is a great optimization tool that uses the latest AI technology. It’s designed to provide the users simple access to machine learning algorithms as well as advanced statistics which enables them to design strategy leaving the heavy lifting to be done by the machine. Ayima Intelligence changes provide greater access and scalability to its users.

Apart from this, Ayima also offers “Query” which is a customizable business dashboard, “Updatable” which is a website updater and “Redirect path” which is a free Chrome extension and is highly recommended for technical SEO’s. What makes Ayima even more attractive to its users is the fact that it offers a market insight keyword tool in the form of “Ayima Pulse”. Its SEO reporting tool allows its users to create a customizable SEO reporting dashboard. All in all, with a range of products to offer to its clients, Ayima is worth considering as a part of your SEO arsenal.

Free website traffic analysis tools

Yandex Webmaster

The Yandex Webmaster tools which is also known as the Yandex Webmaster panel is a really useful tool for Yandex SEO. The best part is that it offers a lot of features to its users and is completely free. Also, since it is based on the Google Webmaster Tool, it doesn’t take much time and effort to learn the tool and once can become proficient in it really fast.  All you have to do is go to the “My Site” tab and type the URL of the website to get started. Yandex then makes you verify the page which is surprisingly fast and most sites gets verified within the hour.

Though the backlink checking interface is not very convenient to use as you end up seeing various links which point back to your site. Also, along with several domains there is no easy way to determine which domains link to you from more than a single page. Moreover, with Yandex, since you don’t get to view the URL of the page your link is placed on, what you can see is only the URL of the index page. Also, Yandex doesn’t have the feature to download the full list of your back links yet.Some other features stand out though.

Yandex allows you to use capital letters when displaying your domain name in the SERPs. This can be used to improve the user experience of the users. Moreover, the tool also provides you with the option of assigning websites to a particular region, which makes it easier to implement and automize re targeting. Yandex also makes it easy to edit site links and makes is easy to have control over your site links.

Yandex Webmaster panel is a useful tool to have in your SEO package and if you are looking for a package for your website or blog, then you can definitely get it. With a flurry of tools to choose from, your SEO strategy, planning and execution has never been easier. All you have to do is find the right tool for your website and get started with it.

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