Call To Action Phrases Examples That Increase Clicks And Conversions

Call to Action Examples

What Is Call To Action?

Call to action means providing your audience with an action they could perform after they see your post.
It can include downloading your content, proceeding to another page, requesting a demo or even asking them to call for getting more information from you. It means making people aware of what steps they should take.

How To Write Call To Action?

The best way to start writing call to action post is to determine objective of your posts on social media first and then determine what is the best suitable action that is expected by the audience. In case of top of funnel posts the best action could be to “Read on” and if its bottom of funnel posts the best action could be to “Sign up now” or “Contact us for more information”.

They key to writing the Call to Action is to focus on three things: Starting with a word that depicts some action such as read, to download or contact. Creating a sense of urgency through use of words such as today, instantly or just in 24 hours. Lastly, telling the audience what the benefit for them is in taking the desired action. These steps will be creating an impressive call to action for you which will enforce the readers or visitors for taking the desired steps.

Below 15 most common Call to Action Examples that are observed in everyday life. All these could be of great help for companies.

  • Continue to find
    Telling people what they could get by just clicking on the call to action phrase could increase the conversions. An example of it could be as simple as mentioning “Continue to find answers to your questions”.
  • Click continue to download
    It clearly tells the visitor that if he/she clicks continue they will be redirected to downloading page automatically.
  • For immediate download click here
    Just by adding few adjectives could have a major impact on users. For example, using the word immediate depicts urgency therefore, if the user would be in a hurry and wants to download anything, he would click immediate download button.
  • Add to Cart
    For online shopping the phrase Add to cart is very common. Whenever a user visits a webpage for online shopping there is an option of “Add to cart” which allows the users to add the desired products in cart while shopping online. If the user is also provided some offer whether a discount or buy 1 get 1 free or any other promotional offer, then that will create an urge for the customer to avail the offer before it is too late.
  • Proceed for checkout
    This call to action phrase is very common while making online purchase. People can select the items they need and when they are to finalize the order, they could press the proceed for checkout button which will lead them to the checkout page to make final payment. It also helps to remind the customers that they have to proceed in order get their order placed and avoid risk of losing the chances of buying the desired products.
  • Confirm Payment
    As the phrase states, once a person will click this option their payment will be made in the selected method.
  • Place order to avail offer
    It is very common to find that the users abandoned their shopping carts. In order to encourage the customers for completing their order this call to action phrase can be used.
  • Contact now
    Credibility plays an important role. Providing contact details to users establish the importance that you give to them by being available for them.
  • Join now to get
    By mentioning this call to action phrase, the user is conveyed the message of getting something excited by proceeding and the other part of this phrase could tell the user the benefit that he or she will get from this.
  • Reserve now
    Limited quantities are not only associated with products or licenses but also to events. Let people know the availability or free slots or seats in order to make them decide urgently because if they don not reserve on time then the spots could be given to someone else.
  • Sign up here to get
    By asking the user to “sign up here” means giving instruction. In order to make it more effective it is often good to combine another phrase “Get a free trial” with it. It will be more compelling and the chances that a user will sign up will be more since getting a free trial would attract the user.
  • Start your free trial
    By giving user an opportunity to have a free trial gathers the users’ attention. By using the word free it is easier to get more attention as the user would like to discover if there is anything knew without even paying for it.
  • Offer ends Today
    This is a very specific call to action phrase that informs the users to avail the offer before the day ends.
  • Learn more about us at
    People often do not know what they actually want. They tend to gather information, learn about various brands and just follow what is happening around in the industry. In order to help them know more about a company this call to action phrase could be of great help.
  • Limited Availability
    One of the greatest Call to action phrase is “Limited availability”. It helps in creating urgency also shows that the product or service is of great demand. This call to action phrase will be a proof for the user to act immediately without a second thought.
15 Most Commonly Used Call To Action Examples To Increase Clicks And Conversions in Paid ads

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