How Can I Make Money by Online Freelance Translation Job?

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Translation is not a easy career to pursue since you have to be very fluent in both of the languages which you are translating one into another. You have to be very careful with small details because as you translate sentences meaning of the sentences may be deteriorated. As one word in a language may not exist in the other one.

Nowadays, it is also a cheap job because there is an excess labor supply in the work field. As translation is usually a cheap job it is essential to be fluent in some languages that are rarely known such as Chinese or Arabic in order to work at higher prices. Also, there are many candidates available for employers so just do something that makes you worth hiring at high prices besides being fluent in English and having a bachelor’s degree. These skills are a must and employers usually seek for more.

Even though translation is a difficult and a cheap job there is still hope for you to earn money via pursuing it online as a freelancer. You get to be your own boss and you can work from anywhere you want which give you freedom when compared to other jobs.

Since this is the case, people tend to think doing it online is easy and profitable. If you belong to this group you are in the wrong way and you should make yourself ready against some difficulties you may face as a freelance translator. You can be fired if the employer find another translator who is cheaper, faster or better. Thus your future is not guaranteed as you can be jobless instantly.

However, if you are a dedicated and a disciplined person you can make a lot of money out of it since the doors are always open to those who are hard working and dedicated. Here are some advice’s for you to make good use of your language skills by making money out of it.


  • Be very fluent in both of the languages and trust yourself

You should be a native speaker of the target language and you have to have good writing skills as employers usually prerequisite such qualifications. You have to understand the text very well and be familiar with the idiomatic terms. So you should have knowledge of  idiotic, slang or jargon terms of the target language to translate one word into another accurately. Its meaning should maintain the same in both of the languages.

  • Decide whether you want to specialize in a profession field or not.

Do not stick with one definition of a translator. They do more by specializing in some fields such as medicine, law or politics. You can become a medical translator and interpreter by learning some specific terms in the field of medicine. You can search for more areas of translation and decide what fits you best.

  • Start with one direct customer at a time

Do not rush. New freelancers usually want to work with 15 customers at the same time due to their ambition to make money. However, it is not always the case and you should take it easy. Make one direct customer satisfied and then move on to next. You will see that things get easier as you work for one customer at a time and there is a high possibility that you will provide high quality. work to that one customer.

  • You can translate a book

If you love reading books you are in the right place! Become a book translator and discover thousands of new books! There are many books that are published and waiting for someone to translate them. You will have the joy of spreading the information to the readers of a different country. They will have access to new information thanks to you!

  • As you acquire job experience you can work with translation agencies

Do not be afraid of working with translation agencies because there is no waste of time as you do not try to find new customers. Such agencies find them for you and they exist for that purpose. So you can relax because you do not find the job, the job finds you.

  • Gain Computer Skills.

Have knowledge of MS Office programs or PhotoShop which will make your work easier as some translation jobs require such skills. Also, learn HTML to get more chance to be hired but of course HTML is not a must. Besides these it is better for you to have high typing speed in order to deliver your work faster or on time to your employer/customer.

  • Build a Network.

This is one of the most important tools in every job field. Thus it is also essential for translators! Since you are planning to be a freelance translator it is better for you to have business acumen. Quickly grasp important points in marketing and sales to get more jobs by building a network and getting known.

Where to Get Translation Job Online?

As it became popular to pursue the translation career online there are many sites available for you to find one online. Some of the most common sites are Upwork, Unbabel, Gengo, Freelancer, etc. These sites are not particularly created for only translation offers but you can select your skill and you will be guided through by the options on the sites. Hope your luck goes well!

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