7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Upcoming digital marketing trends and techniques trends

Marketing has evolved over time and there has been change in marketing trend from traditional marketing to digital marketing. With a vast majority of people having access to digital mediums such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, internet and various other mediums, digital marketing is taking its lead. Losing a sight of digital marketing trends could be detrimental for a business as technologies are changing at a rapid pace and keeping in line with these technologies is essential for creating value and profit for a company. Therefore, it is essential for every business to understand the digital marketing trends and make their strategies accordingly in order to stay ahead of its competitors. For better connection with customers, the following trends of digital marketing could be of great value in 2019: Acquiring and retaining customers by engaging with them, creating accountability and trust, understanding importance of customer view, focusing on voice search and creating awareness through social media including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

Attracting, Engaging and Retaining customer through short video advertisements

People often tend to ignore videos that seem too long because they might not have enough time to watch a long video or they often lose interest if they think it is just being dragged for making it longer. Therefore, in order to attract greater number of people and have higher chance of the video being viewed by a customer, a shorter video of 10-15 seconds showing the main idea could be beneficial. It should cover major aspects in order to create awareness.

Two-way communication

For the purpose of connecting to customers without paying extra amount of money, Chatbots can be of great help. They allow two-way communication between the business and its customers and thus helps in creating good customer relationship and increase retention rate. Customers prefer chatbots as they have easy access to it and can get quick response like Facebook messenger. Answering to customers problems or getting feedback from customers 24/7 is beneficial as customers can be a source of marketing as well through “word-of-mouth” so a good word of mouth might end up leading to more customers for that brand thus enhancing sales. Hence, interaction with customer is essential to determine what the customer seeks, and businesses can provide value to customer accordingly and gain profit.

User Friendly and Well-updated sites

People prefer user friendly sites which provides them good experience by enabling them to proceed without taking too much time for loading. With everyone having access to the site it often becomes irresponsive due to site traffic as a result of which there is a chance of losing the customer. Not only loading time matters but how a brand is depicted in its site also captures customer attention.
A major concern nowadays is about customer privacy. Due to various cybercrime issues people hesitate in sharing their personal information. Businesses should look at the information they are trying to gather through cookies or online forms and should be aware of customer mind set so that they can develop customer trust in order to get the required information.

Good web content and graphics also play a role in attracting customer. The content can be limited but it should portray the values and products of company in a right manner so that the same brand image is portrayed to the customer through the site.
With easy access to mobiles phones people tend to visit sites through their mobile phones and they expect the same usefulness from the site as it would be if opened on a laptop. Clear and good images that could allow customers to zoom in and out without getting faded is also essential otherwise if a person cannot see the text or image clearly, he might abandon using the site on the mobile phone and there could be lower chances of him viewing the site through laptop.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is gaining rapid attention in marketing. It has several advantages that include lower costs, less resources, quick response, personalized services and time flexibility. Companies can use it for segmentation, identification of trends, predicting future responses and analysis of data. It can be helpful in saving time and human efforts.

Accountability and Trust

People often develop negative image of brands due to their advertising, marketing as well as sales strategies as a result of which there is a chance of losing the customer. In order to develop customer trust, two-way communication on public platform is helpful. It is better for businesses to keep an open eye on customer reviews as one review could affect another. They should address every customer complaints or query in order to develop good relationship with customers by showing them that they are always there for their customers and this way they could increase customer loyalty.

Businesses can follow blockchains. It helps in keeping everything documented and verified thus customers could develop trust. When customer is aware of the supply chain activities of a company, they are aware of the end product and thus will make decision accordingly. Making the activities transparent helps in creating accountability of the brand in customer view.

Social Media Influencers

In current era social media presence has boosted social media influencers impact. For a brand to have an impact on customers, social media influencers play a vital role by having huge following on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube and Instagram. People create image about influencers and thus if an influencer which is trusted by people is chosen by a brand, people would tend to believe what the influencer tells about a brand and thus it could be beneficial for the brand. There are influencers which have their Youtube videos updated on a regular basis and have huge followers. So, in order to find an authentic influencer its best to look at their followers’ rate.

Voice Search

Voice searches are coming into trend. They enable to detect the intention of users by following their speech patterns. People prefer getting updates about brands by using it. Creation of content for voice searches is important for companies who are looking forward to increasing their customer base through it. Voice searches enable to detect the intention of users by following their speech patterns.

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Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends 2020

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