The future of search engine

future of search Engine

A search engine is a software is designed for searching information on world wide web (www). A search engine users enters the key word into the search engine for receiving the content they want in the form of websites, images, videos or other data. The content gets on the search engine to the users is known as search engine page result (SERP). To perform the search engine optimization (SEO) the spider or web crawler plays a vital role.

                                                             The search is extremely spread to the world over the next few year. The search engine begin to implement search social trends into the SERP. The immediate future of the search engine will be dominate by new machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. We already knows the beginning of this vogue with the release of Google’s Rank Brain algorithm, it’s help to deliver the search results. Machine learning is where a computer do something rather than being work by the humans or following detailed programming. Artificial intelligence (AL) is a computer can be smart as human at least in the sense of obtaining the knowledge. This search engine is constantly changing and growing day by day. The world of SEO is continues to change at lightning speed.

 The future of search engine will include a strong from voice search especially around content ad keyword research. With expansion of Google questions/answers knowledge graphs as well as the push for smart home technologies such as Google home. There will be a change in search marketing to solve the immediate needs that come from voice search queries. Another development is the log files analysis will separate you from the competition. There are two trends that shaping future of SEO. Search engines are become better and getting determining quality signals from real users rather than keywords, site structure or any other signals. The future of search engines is all in the use of artificial intelligence, AL might be seem like the end of the SEO industry, an intelligent and the human search engine can only benefit SEO professionals. And also the future of the SEO is depending on the users experience and improving context. That means the successful SEO efforts will focus on optimization of deep content, as well as multimedia. The future of search engine is integration across all devices and the Internet of Things. Search engines were always well on the way to being everywhere. This is only set to continue growing, increasing in humanization every data of the search engine can obtain.

                                               So there are some few predictions for the future of search, as we all see the upcoming features of a search engine, this will enhance the search to perform in very better way to the SEO users and their marketing. Many improvements make the users very comfortable with their searching results and the content

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