Top 6 Free Keyword Research Tools for Your New Website

Free SEO keyword planner Tools

Are you in need of free keyword research tools for your business? Learn about top keyword research tools and how each of their unique traits can benefit your business by taping on the potential of these free SEO tools now.

Year 2010s had signaled the heralding of a booming era for online businesses and the shrinking of brick and mortar enterprises. Big firms like Amazon announced plans to close 87 pop-up stores over the next two years as their online sales gain further traction. Their 2018 Prime Day sales reportedly sold over 100 million products. Meanwhile, Gap reports 40% of their income derived from online sales. Almost everything transacted online today. For businesses to thrive, it is important to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase their online visibility. While some have the resources to invest in paid keyword research tools, others may not. Fret not. There are variety of free keyword research tools for your business. Here are the top six free keyword research tools for your business.

Answer the Public (ATP)

Answer the Public sources out a wide range of information that may be useful to your needs. For instance, you may search on the keywords like ‘pop songs’. ATP churns out a variety of questions that people may ask on Google (e.g. how long are pop songs?) possible prepositions of the keywords (e.g. pop songs for 2018), comparisons (e.g. pop songs versus old songs), alphabetical and related phrases (e.g. pop songs to sing). Their data derived from Google Keyword Planner and Google Autosuggest. ATP provides their information in the form of visualizations and data format. If you are at a loss of idea for what content to create, ATP is a good platform to get a good feel of what people may search on based on the keywords.

Keyword Shitter (KS)

KS is a rather basic tool with little or minimal analysis involved in the entire keyword search process. On the website, you can expect KS to produce a numerous list of suggestions to the tens of thousands. However, it is not as intelligent a software like Google Keyword Planner to tell you what the common keywords people are looking for. However, you can include words in the positive or negative filter, which will include or exclude the select words in its suggestion box respectively. These filters help to narrow down the results from anything and everything to more specific results you desire.

Keywords Everywhere (KE)

Keywords everywhere is a more comprehensive free keyword research tool that supplements as an add-on to your Chrome, Firefox or any of your default web browsers. Keywords everywhere provides the ultimate form of convenience by showing you the monthly search volume, cost per click and Ad Words competition all in a single glance when you search on a particular keyword. You will not have to shuttle in between tabs to copy and paste data with the instant option of importing it to the excel sheets. Unfortunately, Keywords everywhere is currently available on the above mentioned two platforms and not on other common platforms like Safari.

Uber suggest By Neil Patel

Do you think that you have gotten all the information you need? It may not be the case. The strength of Uber suggest (now known as Neil Patel) is the ability to provide you information on keywords that are not available on Google Keyword Planner. Uber suggest also have an organized structure in their search engine with the ability to break down the results by the letter. This will make it easier for you to be more precise with the keywords used that can improve your business. You can also separate your keyword results by the country, which is extremely helpful for those running country specific campaigns.

Keyword Explorer (Moz)

Moz is the newly christened name in 2013. Moz has been in the SEO game for more than a decade and it seeks to simplify SEO and improve the marketing value of the company via less invasive methods. Moz is a holistic toolset with vital SEO features like the SEO audit, rank tracking’s, and backlink analysis and keyword research. Moz offers keywords targeting and research as part of their free features. In case you are interested, you can consider purchasing their pro version with its all functionalities.

Google Keyword Planner

Finally, Google Keyword Planner is the most obvious choice for keyword research tool as you are directly taking from the source. Their results can be the most reliable in the market with more than a billion users in their database. It provides you with the fundamentals – average monthly searches, competition and suggested bids (for example in Ad words). It may not have any special features, but it definitely is the most trustworthy.

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