Web Design Trends 2019

website design trends

Trends can be thought of as guidelines which should be followed in order to compete with others and stand out from others. Doing the opposite of trend will certainly not be a good idea. When it comes to advancement in technology and evolution of digital marketing it must be kept in mind that there has been advancement in the trends of web design as well. Companies must focus on the how and why of these emerging trends as well as their adoption. Trends are not only some guidelines in fact they contain all information regarding likes and dislikes, preferences for moving forward as well as surrounding culture. All these play an important role and thus must be focused on in order to understand what must be done and how. In 2019, there must be combination of technology and aesthetics while thinking about the web designs.


A common aspect for showing technology advancements and the desire of user for information. Data visualization can take various forms including just numbers, mapping, lists, 3D models, Timelines, diagrams, charts, matrices and animation on screens for explaining better.
While talking about the web design trend, Data visualization plays a key role in telling a story. Therefore, only the numbers cannot be enough. One of the
best form of data visualization is animation. A simple chart could be much better than just the numbers. Data visualization is interactive, and user engaging.


Color is an essential element when it comes to design and graphics. All colors have significance and a different impact and attachment. When designing web, attention must be paid on what colors will be considered as attractive and could help gain some attachment. For 2019, multi-tonal gradients or bright colors could play an important role. Multi-tonal gradients could help in employing the colors associated with the brand, in highlighting the elements of text to make it have higher readability chances and setting mood or identity.
Color overlays and animated effects could also be very helpful in gaining more attention. Color is an element which can be kept save for a longer time.


Creating a good user experience and having online interactions are of vital importance for creating good customer base. If someone takes out time to visit the web page, they must be provided something beneficial by streamlining the identity of the brand on the homepages. The focus should be on the content rather than the provider. Text logos in the sans serif fonts are now
preferred. Branding through images is the best way as it depicts everything without even describing in words and creates an easy understanding if the image chosen is good enough to depict the purpose behind it. People can have a clear idea about brand even if they don’t visit it personally. Now brands often communicate with followers through images.


Splitting a screen into two parts make it more attractive. Whether going through the web site on laptop or mobile phone the user experience will be enhanced. Two parts of the information could be read side by side on laptop whereas the same information could appear in vertical form in mobile phone thus making it easier for the user. In case of equally important content it is best to have a side by side split as the user could choose from both, depending on his own choice then. The screen can be splitter asymmetrically when there is one piece of content which is more important and the other is lesser important so the one which is more important could have a larger space in order to depict its importance and the other could have a smaller section.


The most important trend of web design is interactivity. Users need to interact and engage. Illustrating is helpful for interaction. It helps to provide users with work of different people like designers etc. It gives a pleasant effect. Designers integrate text and the background for creating a more interactive environment for users.


To keep the layout interesting, Typography could be used. Words contain physical presence and are considered as structural elements. Using words as aesthetic or semantics is great for wed design nowadays. Cutting out text through videos or background images adds an extra dimension to typography and thus takes it to another level. There must be a balance in readability of
the text and in understanding each layer.
Another unique element of interactive web design is Gamification. When deciding about web design interactivity, it must be considered in layers. They can help in creating better scenes and stories for the design and will also help in content organization for making it interactive for more users.


For an OpenType font specification, variable fonts could be the evolution. A single file can have various variations of typeface. Although variable fonts do not have huge browser support, yet it is good to learn this skill.

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