What an you do with your YouTube videos to make them more searchable?

YouTube marketing

YouTube is not the only option for video sharing, but it is definitely the most popular choice by far. This factor alone has made it the target of countless viewers as well as creators looking to generate exposure for their content. However, simply uploading a video will not guarantee the next viral hit. Without optimization, your creation will just sit there collecting internet dust. On that note, here are some tips you can use to make your YouTube videos more searchable and in the process, gain more exposure for your efforts.

Insert Your Keywords

Many of the same SEO tactics you apply with the pages of your website or blog can work wonders when optimizing your YouTube videos. Mainly you want to focus on three areas:

1. Title

2. Description

3. Tags

Ideally, you want to keep both your video title and description short and sweet. The description can be longer of course, but the main thing is making sure both include relevant keywords. What keywords should you use? Well, that all depends on your research – you do research your keywords, don’t you? As far as tags go, you want to pick a minimum of five keywords to act as the tags for your content. Optimizing tags is a great way to help people find you through the related and recommended video features.

Generate Links

Another proven SEO practice you can apply to your YouTube optimization efforts is link building. Here, you want other websites linking back to your video on YouTube. If you have that video embedded on your website, then you want links connecting there. Even better is the fact that you can find out how many links and embeds your video is actually accumulating by utilizing the site’s analytics tool YouTube Analytics. Keep in mind that this tactic works best when you are getting links from relevant sites, meaning pages with content similar to your own.

Drive Engagement

Engagement is becoming more of an important factor in the algorithm YouTube uses to present video options to its viewers. This means that in addition to using traditional SEO techniques, you should also focus on creating content that compels users to rate, share, and interact with your material in other ways. Engagement such as this indicates to YouTube that your video is of high quality and worthy of presenting to others who may want to view it. From this perspective, it becomes clear to see that driving engagement not only makes your content more searchable, but more attractive as well.

YouTube is a wonderful marketing tool, but if you are uploading content that no one is viewing, then you are simply wasting your time. Although the platform is growing and constantly evolving, tips like this have evergreen value that make them forever useful. Give them a shot, and watch your visibility on YouTube increase!

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