What Is Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search

Google introduced voice search on smart phones and computers so as to facilitate its clients to optimize the use of search engines. An Era where users are introduced into the world of Artificial Intelligence , on which voice search make use of speech recognition technology which in turn reflects on how interfacing can be done with humans.

Reports shows that about 55% of teens and 41% adults exploit more than once a day grossing over one billion users. A multi linguistic inbuilt system eventually creating a scenario of voice search more than keyboard search in the coming future.

Voice search fabricates and transcribe human speech into text analyze the text to detect questions and  commands ,connect to external data source such as search engines to find the relevant information and translates into digestible form to fulfill the users intent. Reasons why users switch over to voice enable technology is that it provides faster accurate results and avoid the difficulty in typing on certain devices. 60% use it for online searches ,50% for retrieving information on targeted products , 45% asking for directions , 40% query about weather updates , making call, playing music and 35% for local businesses. Google competes with it’s co-voice products like Siri(apple) , Alexa (amazon ) , Cortana (Microsoft). Combination of search algorithms and natural processing language technology paved its way for acceptance among larger users and made an integral part of Google maps and Google now .

By 2021 80% of searches would process through voice search. Google is always trying to learn on consumer choices thereby providing a candid search results. Embedded with TTS (Text to speech) ,search system is made to detect user language , keywords and context of query made and return results on screen or through vocals.

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