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Booking for a vacation online is fast, eliminates paper work, and is convenient. However, there are mistakes that need to be avoided to prevent loss of money, and other pitfalls that often leads to regrets. The following are some of the mistakes, and suggestion on how to prevent such mistakes from occurring.

Entering wrong personal information

Entering wrong personal information appears trivial, but it can end up costing you your money. For example if your names are John Edwards James, and you enter the name John James, the airline might refuse to give you the ticket. As advice the names used when booking for a ticket, or hotel room should correspond to your official names.

Booking at the last minute

Booking at the last minute means booking a flight or a hotel room two to three weeks before you start your vacation. This pitfall of taking this route is that you often get high prices, or you might not even any room.

Believing travel guides

The primary reason for travel guides is to generate sales. This means that they are always written in a positive manner. Before heading to a place you have never been before, it will not cost you much to do some little homework to ascertain the truth. One excellent site for getting such information is TripAdvisor. It has reviews generated from travelers; both negative, and positive.

Not using a travel agent

Unless you are going to a place you are familiar with, it is important to get the advice of a travel agent. Travel agents are versed with different locations, and there advice of where to visit, how much money to take, best practices, and even where to get travel discounts.

The “expired” passport

If you think that you can get away with a passport that is near expiry date, be warned. Many countries no longer allow passport, which are three to six months near expiry. It is always safe to renew your passport eight months before expiry.

Not tracking tickets

Airlines prices usually fluctuate depending on the demand, and fuel costs among other factors. If there is a drop in demand, many airlines offer rebates for customers who booked earlier. Rebates are not offered automatically, it is only offered to customers who tracked there tickets. Such rebates can save you money for your next trip.

Travel tips

Entering credit card information to unsecure websites

Before entering your credit card information to any site, make sure that it is encrypted to prevent third parties from accessing your details. A safe site is one whose address begins with https://. This should be present on the actual page you enter your credit information.

Not reading terms and conditions

What is advertised is not always, what is provided. Never sit back and relax believing that everything will turn as expected.

Booking with third-party sites

It is not wrong to book with third party site, but they have many challenges. For example, if it happens that, you cancel your booking; chances are that you will not receive your money back as compared when the same is done on a primary site.

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