How can I earn money from blogs?

Make money from blog

So you heard from your friends that you could make money online by running a blog but have no clue how that’s going to happen! In recent times blogging has become a great way to make money online. So much so that top bloggers earn up to $125K from blogging alone.

If you are looking to make money by starting a new blog or a veteran blogger who hasn’t monetized his blog yet, then you must read this post till the end. In this post, we would share with you how you can earn money by monetizing your blog.

   Income from Advertisements

Income from advertisements on blogs is the most straightforward way of making money from a blog. It’s like how you generate money from a newspaper or magazine, and most bloggers use this as a way to generate their first blog income.
If you have a popular blog and there’s substantial traffic on your blog, then advertisers can directly feature ads with you as a part of a deal. The advertiser will pay you money based on the number of clicks on the ad on your blog, which is called CPC model. The other is the CPM ad where you get paid a fixed amount based on many times the ad is viewed. Another option is to allow ad networks like Google AdSense to run ads on our blog and get paid for it.

          Affiliate Marketing Programs

With the exponential growth of online e-commerce businesses in the past few years, affiliate programs have become one of the more common ways for bloggers to make money.
An affiliate program is basically a program where a company, say for example Amazon will pay you a certain commission on the sale of a product which was purchased using a link which featured on your blog.
The best part is that there are many affiliate programs that can be joined rather easily. All you have to do is generate content on your blog, which is engaging and guides the user through the pros and cons of buying a product based on your recommendation.

  Organizing Online Events

Events are not the most popular way of making for a blogger, but still, a lot of blogs are running events making money off their blog. Blog readers are usually invited to a conference, niche event, or a small meet up of like-minded people via the blog.

Money is usually made via sponsorship or by charging the participants for the event.

Regular Recurring Income

Membership programs, also known as continuity programs, are also something that bloggers are using to generate a recurring stream of income for themselves.
As a part of these programs, the readers pay a recurring monthly or annual amount to the blogger to get access to some premium content from the blogger or special service or coaching which the blogger has to offer.

Promoting Businesses

Blogs are a great way to promote businesses and most companies run a blog to create brand awareness and educate the customers about their products and services.
The primary objective of the blog is to guide the readers to their business, thereby leading to an increase in overall sales and revenue.

 Offering Niche Services

Offering services like coaching and consulting, online training, freelance services etc. to the blog readers are also a common way to make money off your blog.

Selling Products Online

Virtual products like e-books and courses are a great way to make money off your blog. Though these products take time and effort to create, they can become a great source of recurring income for the blogger as more people download and use the content from the blog.

Apart from this, you can also use your blog to make money by selling physical products via here blog things like merchandise etc. as well as virtual products like reports and software.
As a blogger though you can make money from any one of the above or all of the above streams at the same time. The trick though is to start small, be patient and keep creating great content consistently.

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