How to do Influencer marketing via Social Media?

Influencer marketing via Social Media

Influencer marketing using Social Media is increasing day by day. Influencers on Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Snap-chat are helping companies to create awareness about their products or services to a wide range of audience on social platforms which helps in attracting more people towards a brand and affecting their buying behavior, thus helping brands in creating large customer base and increasing sales and profits.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are considered as third-party endorsers with the help of whom brands can shape the attitude of people towards them. They help brands to gain recognition and following. With technology advancements it is easier for brands to measure the impact of influencers by keeping a track of likes, comments, hits or sharing of any information that is shared by the influencer on social media platforms. With the openness of influencers with customers through the social media they create huge credibility for themselves in the eyes of their audience.

Use of social media influencer marketing has become too important nowadays and if any company is not using it then it may need to reevaluate its strategies. No matter what the brand is about whether its related to beauty, travel, real estate, lifestyle, or anything, having social media influencers can help in gaining more benefits.


Impact of the Social Media Influencers’ on Brand

Brands create its image through social media influencers in order to create customer relationship and loyalty. Although brands do not have complete control on the conversation that takes place online but due to the two-way communication which takes place between influencers and audience, the consumer trust in influencer and influencer voice are instilled in brand. Today, social media tools have become essential element for communication for people.

How to find the right social media influencer

With huge number of influencers present on social media platforms it is essential for brands to find the best suitable influencer for them. For this purpose, some key elements could be focused which include the following:
1. Considering components of the influence which include: Relevance (Influencer sharing the content which is relevant to brand and the industry in which it operates), Reach (possible audience which could be reached with the help of influencer) and Resonance (The extent to which an influencer could help in creating customer engagement with brand).
2. Recognizing the target audience that the influencer needs to influence.
3. Creating customer engagement and trust.
4. Choosing influencer who has values, tone and feelings which complements the brand.
5. Looking for sponsorship saturation.
6. Conducting research and learning. Influencers are contacted by huge number of brands. It is better to contact influencers after conducting enough research about them in order to create good understanding.
7. Planning the budget for influencer marketing through social media. Influencers with huge following tend to get paid well for their work.
8. Contacting the influencer. It is good to write a personal message to the influencer to show them that you give them the value and are serious about contacting them.

Importance of Social Media Platforms

Facebook might not be the only social media platform, but it is still choice for many people. If the target customers use Facebook, then it can be helpful to choose Facebook influencers for them. There are many Facebook influencers which have created good network and reputation over Facebook.

There is no social platform that can be compared to Instagram when it comes to influencer marketing. Although it might not have larger user base than Facebook, yet the level of user engagement is high enough which makes it more effective choice for a brand for delivering its message to audience. Majority of Instagram posts are related to featuring the products which depicts the response of users towards he sponsored posts on Instagram. There is a wide and diversified pool of Instagram influencers therefore they can be used for almost any brand. Followers of Instagram influencers idolize them and therefore they trust their opinions. Earlier influencers could work for brands for just a gift by brand but now they are aware of their importance and charge brands for working for them instead of just getting a gift of brands choice.
For getting in touch with social media influencers on Twitter, the following steps could be helpful. Follow the influencers on Twitter, talk to them, retweet the content they share in order to make your audience aware of them, start discussion on their recent tweets, share blog posts of them on Twitter, offer them for writing post for blog they share as well as send them free product samples for reviewing.
All social media platforms have their own significance. A brand must choose the platform which it finds most suitable for its goals.

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