Steps to perform SEO for a website

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When we need to perform a SEO for a website, then we should follow few steps for optimizing a website to become search engine friendly.

The step by step process to perform SEO for website:

1. Analysis
2. Ultimate target
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Keyword Analysis
5. SEO content

1. Analysis:
When we perform SEO for a website then we need to analyze the website completely. That means which category the website related to, what is included in the website, what is the concept of the website and finally everything about the website.

2. Ultimate Target:
For performing SEO to a website, we need to know the clients target, which is very much essential. Simply we can say the result from the website. Suppose your website is related to product selling, then the clients target will be the number products sold per day or month or some targeted period of time. Some website need only traffic as they contain information and ads then the clients target will be traffic and the clicks they get for the ads in the website. Suppose there is school website, they need admissions for that site. So admissions are the client’s target.

3. Competitor Analysis:
If you need to perform SEO for your website to a particular keyword, then you need to check which website is competitor to our website and why it is competitor to our website. We should see how they have inserted the keywords in their content and how many times they have inserted the keywords. We need to check the competitor’s site page rank, how they have written the title and which keywords are used in the URl or web address. What tactics they have used to promote their website and everything about their website. Simply we should completely analyze their website, as we analyze our own website.

4. Keyword analysis:
While analyzing the website we should analyze keywords manually and then we can do keyword research through keyword research tool. We need to check how much popular the particular keyword and how much usage it has. If it is more popular then it is waste of opting such keywords.

5. SEO content:
SEO Content means the content which is Search Engine friendly. The content should always be attractive ad interactive then only website get traffic. The content should be unique. It should not be copied and paste from anywhere. Mostly these should be good quality content. If the content is duplicate the search engine penalizes the website. Therefore it takes a lot of time to recover your website for getting indexed in search engine. The keywords used in Meta tags and the title must be included in the content. Then only we can obtain the desired results.

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