Search Engines                                                                                                                                     

Search engine is an online tool to help users to find the sites and information. It is a software to search information on the world wide web. The results of Search may be of anything like web pages, images, videos, articles, research papers or any type of files. Search engines don’t have any category specific page. You can search any word, letter, sentence in these search pages. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com are some main search Engines.

Search Directories                                                                                                                             

 Search directory is a characterized online index of websites. Search directories perform the same function of search engine. Search directories are web resources for searches and online marketing.  BOTW, DMOZ, Business.com are some search directories. There are some important points for search directories:

  •  Many Search engines have their own search directories.                                                        
  • Search directories are the compilation of specific searches.                                                    
  • Directories can have advertisements, news and other services.

                 “Search engine” and “Web Directory” are two different online search services available to the www. Search engines and directories are both are online resources which people use to find information on the Web. Web directories and search engines are very different in technology. However, they both have a common function of helping the user to find required information. The only difference is in how they get and organize their information. Search engines and directories can help drive customers to your web page. Search engine uses a program called spider or bot. It help us to find link and bring the required information to user. website owners submit their websites to directories with related information’s and human editors determine the value of the website and whether it should be included in the directory. Directories are maintained by human editors. Some directories charge for listing , while a search engine does not charge from the publishers. Search engines collect information about a website automatically for indexing, and Web directories require a submission from the website to be listed in the directory.

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